March for Palestine

Cinema Neuf is dedicating the entirety of our March 2024 program to Palestine, in solidarity with the atrocities they are experiencing.

All proceeds will go to The Palestine Committee of Norway.



Week 1 – Forms of Resistance

March 4th – March 8th

“A woman tells him a pen is a sword. What’s a pen to a rifle? Another fed him a sonnet. If Shakespeare was from here, he wouldn’t be writing.”

– Mohammed El-Kurd

Week 3 – Bearing Witness

March 18th – March 22nd

“I hear Him cry: “a billion silent, a million killed.” The sound of weeping rings out And though I am no obedient worshipper, I pray.”

– Basman Aldirawi


18. March @ 19:00

Gazas Tårer

21. March @ 19:00

Jenin Jenin + The Hour of Liberation Has Arrived

22. March @ 19:00