Cinema Neuf is the resident film-club at Chateau Neuf – The Norwegian Students' Society. We screen films every semester, three times a week, on mondays thursdays and fridays. Our screenings are held in 'Lillesalen' at Chateau Neuf, where we have a full cinema setup, with digital and analog film projectors, in a medium sized theater with 100 seats.

Anybody can come to our screenings, regardless of whether you're a member of the club; Chateau Neuf; if you're a student or not; or anything else! Active members can join all screenings for free, while others have to buy tickets, and pay a small semester-fee to the the Norwegian Film Club Association.

Cinema Neuf is entirely volunteer-driven -- our active members are the ones selecting the films, securing the rights, and hadeling all the logistics and technicalities of each screening. Our 40ish members are divvied up in several sub-groups; our three Editorials for each day of the week we screen, a PR group, as well as a projectionist group. Members are free to join any of these they want, and can of course be in as many groups as they wish.

  • Film-club + Independent Cinema
  • Anyone 18+ can come to our screenings
  • Operating from "Lillesalen" at Chateau Neuf, the Norwegian Student Society
  • CHEAP!
    • 50 NOK membership +
      • 40 NOK / Film (Students)
      • 60 NOK / Film (Others)
  • We screen a wide variety of films on both digital and analog formats
    • At least one Analog screening per week!
  • Operated by Volunteers
    • Join us!
    • Mostly students, but anyone can join
  • Volunteers select films, and handle logistics of the screenings
  • Volunteers get all the screenings for free

Cinema Neuf strives to keep prices as low as possible! Our regular prices are as follows:

  • 50 NOK membership +
    • 40 NOK / Film (Students)
    • 60 NOK / Film (Others)

Tickets are sold using TicketCo, and can be bought ahead of time, or at the door.

If the screening is sold-out, we will announce this on our facebook-event & the TicketCo link will have no more available tickets.