Interested in Cinema?

Then join Cinema Neuf!

Here, Cinema lovers of all kinds run the show, and do everything related to operating a Cinema!

As an active member, you not only get free admission to all our screenings, but you also get to join a great group of people who all have their own love for Cinema -- lovers of experimental art house features; hidden gems from around the world; or even of big studio blockbusters are all to be found at Cinema Neuf.

As an active member you also get to decide which films we screen at the club; how we screen them; or even plan and host special events like silent-film concerts and movie-marathons!

It truly is a playground for film-enthusiasts!

Our active members are primarily students –both Norwegian and international– but anyone is welcome to join us at Cinema Neuf!

The easiest way to join is to meet up at one of our screenings, and talk to someone there who looks like they know what they're doing, or you could send us a mail at