Bylaws for Cinema Neuf

Spring 2023

§1 The name of the Association

The name of the association is ”Cinema Neuf”.

§2 Purpose

The purpose of the film-club is to communicate film in all its aspects; the cinema experience, the joy of film, and the art of film. The club shall also create and foster community around film, both in and outside of the movie theater.

§3 Organizational Structure

The film-club is a part of both the Norwegian Student Association (DNS) and the Norwegian Film-club Association (NFK), and are adherent to these orga- nizations laws and by-laws. The film-club hosts screenings for NFK-members. Events in collaboration with other organizations is also possible.

§4 Members

All attendees at Cinema Neufs screenings must be paying members of NFK, and active members must also be paying members of DNS.

Cinema Neuf offers discounted prices to those who can show proof of atten- dance at an institute of higher education. The price of admission is decided by the Board, and will be kept as low as possible.

Exceptions to these can be made for special events, in accordance with DNS and NFK.

§5 Rights and Duties surrounding the Membership

The film-club is constituted by a board, as well as volunteers arranged in edi- torials and sub-groups. The editorials are represented in the board by editors, and work in creating the film-program. All groups are represented in the board.

Members are required to volunteer at a minimum of 3 screenings per semester.

§6 The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body of the association.

The General Assembly is to be held at least once per semester, and either in November or December for the fall-semester, and either in May or June for the spring-semester.

The general assembly makes decisions with a simple majority vote. No member has more than one vote, and a vote cannot be forced.

An extraordinary general assembly can be called for if a minimum of 1/3 of the members demand it, or if the Board deems it necessary. The meeting must be called in minimum 14 days before it is to be held.

The summons for the general assembly is to be available to the members at minimum two weeks before the general assembly. Case items are to be made available to the members minimum one week before the general assembly.

Changes to the by-laws that are to be voted on, must be made available to the Board at minimum one week before the general assembly, and changes to the by-laws can only be made when 2/3 of attending members vote in favor of the change.

Members of the Norwegian Student Association have a right to vote, provided their membership is aquired at least two weeks before the general assembly.

§7 Tasks for the General Assembly

At the General Assembly, the following must transpire:

  • Treatment of the report from the Board / The leader
  • Treatment of last semesters accounting
  • Treatment of next semesters budget
  • Treatment of suggestions
  • Decide the members-fee
  • Elect board-members

§8 Elections

The general assembly elects a new board. Each board-member is elected for one semeseter at a time.

All elections at the general assembly are to be written, unless otherwise sug- gested. If no part achieves higher than half of the votes, the two parts with the most votes will be voted on again.

If a position in the board is not filled, the Board can be given executive power to supply themselves.

§9 The Board

The Board must contain at least 5 members.

Cinema Neufs board contains the following positions:

  • Leader
    • Calls for and leads the board meetings. Is responsible for communica- tion with external parties, collaborators, the faculties, and providers. Attends the production-meetings at Chateau Neuf. Has right of signature.
  • Second-in-Command
    • Takes over the leders duties in their absence. Writes meeting minutes. Responsible for the summons and execution of the general assembly.
  • Head of Economics
    • Is responsible to maintain a healthy financial operation of the associ- ation. Presents budgets and accountings on every general assembly. Responsible for record-keeping, and the association bank account. The head of economics has the responsibility to keep up with all financial items, and is to report the Board on any items as they occur.
  • Head of Recruitment and Social activities
    • Responsible for recruitment and the inclusion of new members. Responsible for social events for the Board and the members.
  • Editor(s)
    • Representative of the editorials, who select which films are to be screened. Main responsibility for the execution of screenings, as well as the acquisition of film rights and screening copies.
  • Head of PR
    • Representative for the PR-group. Main responsibility for marketing of the film-club, and for maintaining the film-clubs online presence.
  • Chief projectionist
    • Main responsibility for the projectionists, and Cinema Neufs analog film-projectors. Creates and assigns shifts for projecting, at the start of each semester.
  • Chief technician
    • Main responsibility for devices such as audio systems, payment terminals, computers, projects and other digital equipment.
  • Collaboration Coordinator
    • Main responsibility for execution of collaboration with external groups.

The Board is quorate when there are at least five board members present, and when the agenda for the day had been made available to the board beforehand, and is accepted by the Board. The members of the film-club have a right to speak, and come with suggestions at the board-meetings.

§10 Right of signature

The leader, or the second-in-command in their absence, or whoever the leader decrees, may have right of signature on behalf of the club, for arrangements with external parties who associate with the association in any capacity.

§11 Economics

The financial assets of the club is only to be used in line with the purpose of the club.

There must always be held budgets and accounting of all the associations assets, with appendices. Budgets and accountings are treated and approved at the general assembly.

Payments can be issued by the leader, or their second-in-command, or the head of economics.

When voting on fincancial investements, a 2/3 majority vote is needed in the Board.

§12 Ethics and environment

The association will consider environmental and ethical aspects of any activities, as much as possible. The association will also ask to consider any alternatives when collaborating with other organizations and associations, in regards to ethics and the environment.

§13 Motion of no Confidence

A motion of no confidence against either the board, or individual board members, can be put forth at an extraordinary general assembly.

A motion of no confidence requires a 3/4 majority vote amongst the attending members. In the case of an equal vote, the motion falls. If the motion falls, this is to be viewed as renewed confidence. If the motion passes, a new board or new board-members are to be elected.

§14 Dissolution

The film-club can be dissolved if 2/3 of the attending members of a general assembly votes in favor of dissolution. The vote for dissolution must be reported as an item for the general assembly beforehand, subject to the same deadlines as the rest of the general assemblies summons. In the case of a dissolution, all assets –financial and otherwise– are to be transferred to the Norwegian Film Club association, to further film clubs.

No member has any right to any of the film clubs assets.