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“Why is everyone on this island addicted to fucking drama?”

Jesus who works as a hairdresser in a cabaret is doing his first steps in the Cuban drag queen scene when his estranged father comes out of Jail. Jesus’s father, famous boxer comes back punching and sets himself down at Jesus shared flat disapproving of Jesus drag queen shows. The difficult relationship between him and his father is the main conflict of the film. The two men who don’t know each other struggle to be a family again. The movie also addresses other themes tangentially, such as the difficult living conditions on the island and how tourism is affecting them.

Even though the movie deals with poverty and abuse it is still uplifting and hopeful and does not dwell on the possible cheesiness that it could easily go into.

Produced by Benicio del Toro, and directed by Irish Director Breathnach. The director got inspired on a trip to Cuba in the 90’s.


Paddy  Breathnach




100 min