Mommy (2014)

13. Mar, 2018
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“Loving people doesn’t save them”

Five years after he metaphorically killed his mother in his debut film J’ai tué ma mère, French-Canadian director wunderkind Xavier Dolan revisits the motif of a dysfunctional mother-son relationship. This time, though, there is much more sympathy for the mother, who struggles with her son’s mental health problems.

After her son Steve is released into her care from a psychiatric hospital he had been committed to after setting fire to the cafeteria, Diane tries to homeschool him despite his numerous violent outbursts. Unexpected help comes from their new neighbor Kyla, a teacher on her sabbatical who battles with her own unnamed traumas.

With a great soundtrack that includes Oasis and Celine Dion, and a claustrophobic 1:1 aspect ratio, Mommy is like its characters, an unusual but intense film experience.

Xavier Dolan
134 MIN

Skrevet av Jasper Wirtz

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