Habana Blue

08. Apr, 2019
Kl. 19:00
Pris: 40,- / 60,-
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I am 28, and I have never left this bloody Island!

An open and colorful movie about two hungry musicians in la Habana.

Ruy and Tito are two blues musicians looking to get out of Cuba. They are about to give their first concert in La Havana, when two Spanish producers offer them to make an album in Spain. This offer will give an unexpected turn on their lives and their friendship, questioning if they want to leave their family and friends behind for a chance to make it.

This is not an explicit political film or moralist film about the Cuban situation however the Cuban condition reflects heavily on the characters lives, the main conflict unfolds between the two friends and their different views on the music industry. The soundtrack is another main protagonist of the film.


Benito Zambrano




115 min

Spanish dialogue, English Subtitles